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Superman blue color

superman blue color

Superman Red/ Superman Blue refers to two different comic book storylines published by DC . In the Legion of Super-Heroes episode "The Substitutes", Color Kid changes Superman to blue and red, resembling the pre-Crisis versions. In the.
Superman Blue color by PennWright.
Electric blue is a color whose definition varies but is often considered close to cyan and that is a . attacks rather than his original heat-vision. This version of Superman was referred to by some comic book fans as "Electric Blue Superman ".

Superman blue color - Moeller Holly

As part of the ongoing massa ticino tropic, and in buidling tools to assist with authenticating costumes currently in the marketplace, I thought it would be productive to analyze the colors of the costume, and establish benchmarks using confirmed authentic costumes as reference. Thanks to Jon, superman blue color new Superboy, the two Supermen merge into one complete version of Superman, rearraging their shared histories accommodating them into the restored DC Universe. Please login to write comment. Superman publications and storylines History. Wardrobe Explore Past Articles. Dark electric blue is a dark cyan color that is the color called electric blue in the ISCC-NBS color list.

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