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How to color almond bark

how to color almond bark

does anyone know if you can add color to white almond bark?  I heard it ruins it.
How to Add Food Color to Almond Bark. @Laura Sharp make sure its oil based. there are diff types of food coloring do not use regular. did not know that!.
I tried adding food coloring and icing coloring to it and it just started clumping I wanted to use the almond bark to make butterflies for on top of  Pink Colored Almond Bark Keeps Fading.


How To: Melt Almond Bark how to color almond bark

How to color almond bark - Showroom Compassion

Most Comments This Week. Stir the almond bark continuously until it melts. Hmm, wonder if this could count as a science lesson today, lol?.

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