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Alton brown sugar cookies recipe

alton brown sugar cookies recipe

If you're not sure what to bake, try one of my favorite recipes: The Chewy Gingersnap Cookies Sugar Cookies Chocolate Peppermint Pinwheels.
This recipe, from Alton Brown, avoids all of those common cutout cookie pitfalls. I don't often like to claim that a recipe is "the best" or "perfect,".
Alton teaches Santa to make a basic Christmas sugar - cookie dough. alton brown sugar cookies recipe


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Alton brown sugar cookies recipe - favourite bit

I don't mind it not being overly sweet as I usually will ice with a royal icing. Over two decades of baking, and obsessively enthusiastically decorating cutout sugar cookies, I've tried a handful of recipes. Christmas Cutout Sugar Cookies. Pipe a border of icing around all the parts of the cookies that you want to decorate with white icing. But the recipe was built on perfect proportions that were reducible by three, so we scaled the recipe back to one third and still wound up with more than enough icing.

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