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Teepee cake

teepee cake

Popular items for teepee cake topper. Boho cupcake toppers - teepee cupcake toppers - feather cupcake toppers - arrow cupcake toppers - aztec party - boho party - pow wow. Tribal Cupcake Toppers- Teepee Cupcake Toppers- Wild One Birthday decor - Boho Birthday Cupcake Toppers.
Bake two boxed cake mixes together in a large pyrex dish cool 15 minutes and remove/invert. Bake 2/3 other mix in a stainless steel.
I need the teepee to actually be the cake (not just sit on the cake) so I can't do roddesignz.comgh you've given me a great idea to do indians.

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We strung beads and feathers for Indian jewelery. How Do I Make A Teepee Cake? teepee cake

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