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Boba fett cake topper

boba fett cake topper

Custom, handmade wedding cake toppers, featuring # BobaFett as the groom and #PrincessLeia as the bride. To order yours, or request another pairing.
Star Wars Figure Cake Topper Vader Boba Fett Stormtrooper.
This is a custom Star Wars Boba Fett cake topper / Christmas Ornament that I have hand sculpted out of Polymer clay. This sale is for a Boba Fett crafted like my.


Angry Birds TRANSFORMERS Jenga OPTIMUS PRIME ATTACK Game! STAR WARS BOBA FETT Personalised 7.5" Cake Topper High quality prints on premium icing sheets! Each image is 7.5 inches in diameter, and is.
An awesome birthday cake created for a bartender by a bartender at the "Floating Vagabond" in Wichita, KS.
Ahhh! This made me realize that I never uploaded the Boba Fett helmet I did several years ago. Thanks so much for picking my Lego Star Wars toppers!.

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